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Here is our project roadmap (2014 - Present)

OFGEN History

We started as a solar power company in Kenya.

OFGEN History

We started designing and building mini grids.

OFGEN History

We Entered the C&I space.

OFGEN History

We Launched and commissioned SWISSPORT JKIA solar project.

OFGEN History

We opened our Rwanda office and later in the same year commissioned two off-grid solar power plants for Serena group of hotels in Kenya.

OFGEN History

We opened Uganda and commission the first solar project for a hospital in Kayunga, Phase 1 of GSK kicking off the same year.

OFGEN History

We launched our biggest project Williamson tea in Kaimosi Nandi Country which was 1.5MW.

OFGEN History

We Launched and Commissioned UAP in Juba, South Sudan.

OFGEN History

CFAO Group acquires a stake in OFGEN Africa

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Grid Tie

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Off Grid

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Off-Grid Projects

Is your grid non-existent and desiring to be provided with clean, affordable,
and reliable power on site to power up to 100% of your electricity requirements?
We can build state of the art system to fully power your loads.

Grid-Tie Projects

Are you looking to supplement grid power with electricity generated
on-site as long as the sun shines? Depending on various factors, we can
achieve up to 30% power savings.


Solar PV Capacity: 1.1 MWp | Battery Energy Storage Solution: -


Solar PV Capacity: 100 kWp | Battery Energy Storage Solution: -

Serena Sweetwaters Camp

Solar PV Capacity: 77 kWp | Battery Energy Storage Solution: -

Serena L. Elementaita Camp

Solar PV Capacity: 78 kWp | Battery Energy Storage Solution: -

Kenya Ports Authority

Solar PV Capacity: 300 kWp | Battery Energy Storage Solution: -

Swissport JKIA

Solar PV Capacity: 104 kWp | Battery Energy Storage Solution: -

Hybrid Projects

Is your grid supply weak or unreliable? Are you looking to eliminate or
integrate your standby generators with the grid for stable supply of
electricity? We will offer you seamless integration of solar PV, battery
storage solution, grid suppy and standby generators.

Williamson Tea Kenya

Solar PV Capacity: 1500 kWp | Battery Energy Storage Solution: 4000 kWh


Solar PV Capacity: 40 kWp | Battery Energy Storage Solution: 90.2 kWh

GD Simpsons Yumbe

Solar PV Capacity: 90 kWp | Battery Energy Storage Solution: 96 kWh

GD Simpsons Arua

Solar PV Capacity: 35 kWp | Battery Energy Storage Solution: 48 kWh

Leaders in the Solar Energy

OFGEN is an African entity which prides itself as a professional turnkey energy company that offers a broad range of smart energy solutions for the commercial & industrial sector in Africa.

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